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What Does Pomaika’i Mean?

Pomaika’i is a Hawaiian name for girls meaning lucky, fortunate, blessed. Pomaika’i is pronounced po-mah-ee-kah-ee

Why Did You Name Your Boat Pomaika’i?

I lived in Hilo, HI for five years and it’s my adopted home. If there were employment there in my industry, I’d still be there.

In January 2017 a 50′ trawler hit my first boat (a Cabot 36) and did a bunch of damage. On the Monday after the insurance check cleared (last month), I went on to to “just see.” I found a Morgan Out Island 415 (the sailboat I originally wanted) for about the same price as the settlement check from the insurance company. I was able to look, and it’s in about equal condition (minus the crash) as my 36′ sailboat. So I came out with a little extra cash and a boat I wanted more. Couple that with placing 5th (out of 72) in a poker tournament that Sunday (profiting $500), “Lucky” seemed a good name for the sailboat.

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