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A Week In Fort Myers Beach

Spent a week in Fort Myers Beach on the new boat. Mostly it was just some time to unwind from work but I did get a few tasks done.

  • Figured out the old autopilot system. I’ll probably replace this with a more modern (energy efficient) autopilot from B&G when I upgrade the electronics.
  • Figured out the windlass so anchoring won’t be an issue. Again, I’ll probably replace this as the current anchor is too small for this boat and a bigger anchor will be too large for this windlass. 
  • Changed the oil in the engine.
  • Got the diesel generator running.
  • Stocked up on cases of water for the trip north when I get the transmission fixed.
  • Scrubbed out the bilge and assessed the bilge pumps. One is dead, so I’ll need to replace it.
  • General cleaning and exploring (there is a ton of storage space on this boat, more than I’ll use with just one on board).

The boat is staying at Moss Marina. A number of birds frequent the location (especially during the week when they are less busy). 

After I get the boat back to Jacksonville the first task will be to remodel the aft cabin. I’ll remove the lining inside the hull. Then sand and paint everything but the wood trim. Here are the before pictures.

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