The Sailing Vessel Pomaika'i

Spartite: Sealing The Mast

The first step in getting Pomaika’i to a livable condition is sealing up all the leaks and making it watertight. The most obvious was the leak where the mast passes through the deck. Pomaika’i has a keel stepped mast, meaning that the...

Tasks and Chores

Finally, old man Winter is dead. It was great to get some warm days and plug away at my lists of sail boat chores to get done. Life Lines I decided to remove the life lines from the boat. These are the wires that run about waist high around the edge...

Plugging Holes

I’ve been taking care of a bunch of small boat projects around the boat. I’m still waiting on the insurance company to submit an offer to settle for the damage done two months ago. It’s been a long and frustrating process as...

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  • House On Biscayne
  • Light House
  • House And Lighthouse
  • Doug The Dove
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  • Leaving Biscayne Bay
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