The Sailing Vessel Pomaika'i

Hurricane Irma

What a stressful couple of weeks. Both the boat and I pulled through Hurricane Irma without issue, but I used up a whole bottle of Tums. Since I’ve become a boat owner in Florida, I get the NOAA hurricane reports sent to my Facebook feed. I...

What Does Pomaika’i Mean?

Pomaika’i is a Hawaiian name for girls meaning lucky, fortunate, blessed. Pomaika’i is pronounced po-mah-ee-kah-ee Why Did You Name Your Boat Pomaika’i? I lived in Hilo, HI for five years and it’s my adopted home. If there...

Living Aboard A Boat

So I’ve been living on the land for the last six weeks at an extended stay hotel while I’m waiting for the transmission repairs to be completed on the Pomaika’i. After a year living aboard a boat, it’s given me a break to sit...

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And it’s gone…

I finally sold my sail boat, the Palani last night. Paying two slip fees was a pain every month and just made it feel like I was stuck in limbo. Was a slow process grinding to get the funds to fix the Pomaika’i...

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  • Leaving Biscayne Bay
  • Cargo Silhouette
  • House And Lighthouse
  • Doug The Dove
  • House On Biscayne
  • Seven Mile Bridge
  • Keys Sunset
  • Moser Channel Black and White
  • Light House