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Got My Backyard Back

So seven months after Hurricane Matthew they’ve reopened Dock 2 at the marina I keep my sail boat. I moved back on Saturday. Completely different experience from being up in the cove. The area is much more open, so it makes the boat seem bigger. There is better airflow so fewer bugs and not as swampy. It took them a day to get the electricity figured out, but everything’s ready to go now. Here’s a shot of one my new neighbors. I’m not sure if it’s seasonal but last summer when I was on this dock there weren’t any pelicans around (just the laughing gulls).

pelican at marina

Another weekend of small tasks as I wait for the insurance check to come in so I can get the damage repaired. Finished up plugging and sanding all the holes from where the lifelines were run. Removed the damaged stern railing and started removing the broken wood. I don’t think I’m going to replace the teak. It looks nice but is a maintenance pain, and I could use the money (teak is expensive) on other projects. I need to get this accident behind me and get back on track. I’m at the point with some projects that I need to do some major restructuring of the insides, and I don’t want to have it all apart while the boat is laid up. They said it’s going to take three weeks for the repairs to be done once the sail boat is in the yard.

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