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Christmas Break

Took a week off of work for the Christmas break. Originally the first few days were supposed to be dedicated to the sail plan changes but the rigger came out two weeks early and did the first phase of the install by himself. So spent most of the week just enjoying the break, getting back into the habit of going to the gym and doing some minor work around the boat.

The first little project was to get the inside of the boat organized. With all the projects going on I had just piled all my tools and supplies on the quarter berth in the aft of the cabin. I located a locker big enough for the power and hand tools to all fit. The one next to it became my paint cabinet (and I accidently located the knotmeter which I need to remove and replace as it doesn’t work currently). Both of these are under the settee so keep the weight low and easy to get to. While there is a ton of storage areas on the boat, the problem I’m running into is that a lot of them are under something that you have to move first.

I also stripped and sanded the teak on the inside of the companionway. This had years of grime build up from people touching it on the way down into the boat and the varnish was starting to separate from the wood. So I sanded it all down to bare wood and then oiled. I’m changing all the inside teak from varnish to just being oiled.




One last day of vacation tomorrow then back to the grind. They’re doing construction near my slip so the dust has dirtied the topsides. I’ll scrub the boat down and hopefully, it will be warm enough to lay out and relax.

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