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Boom Gallows Removal

One of the minor projects I’ve had on my list has been the removal of the boom gallows from the cockpit area of the boat.

The boom gallows creates an arch over the cockpit of the boat, supporting the boom when the mainsail isn’t being used. I’ve replaced this support by running a line from the top of the mast to the end of the boom, called a Topping Lift. I will also be adding a rigid boom vang early next year which will assist to support the boom, closer to where it meets the mast. The reason for this is that it will clear some space in the cockpit making that living space to seem wider (and I will also not slam my head against it when I’m moving between the galley and grill on the stern). Also, this makes room for me to add a bimini.

boom gallows removal

Boom Gallows Removal

I struggled a little with this project trying to do things in the proper steps. I’ve tried to be frugal and save all the hardware (bolts, screws, etc.easily) as I remove items from the boat. I struggled for 20 minutes with a bolt that was corroded in a hard to reach location. Then I remembered my trusty sawsall quickly cut through the wood support base and the bolt holding things in place. I then used it to cut all 4 of the bolts on the other side in 2 minutes flat.

Unfortunately, after removing the support base which was on top of the teak veneer, I found that the teak has a lot of rot on the in that area. I was prepared to make plugs for the large holes but cutting out and replacing a whole section will look hokey. Now I have to decide between replacing with complete new teak panels or finding a faux teak to replace it with. I like the real teak, but it can be expensive to find a piece that large.



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