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Boat Tow Insurance

I’m not a big fan of insurance services. I feel people don’t really assess the level of risk vs cost of what they are protecting themselves from in most situations. But one insurance I’ve found really valuable has been the towing service with BoatUS.

When working with older project boats, especially close to the purchase date, before you’ve had time to learn the boat it is extremely valuable to have the peace of mind that if there is an issue while underway you’ll be able to be towed back to the dock. And the cost is minimal.

Boat Tow Insurance – My Experience

When I was relocating the newly purchased Pomaika’i from Port Charlotte to Ft Myers Beach in May I lost the transmission. As always happens when you try to stick to a schedule with a sailboat, the day of the move was not the best time to be going in that direction. Having to overcome head on winds, current and swell I couldn’t make way under sail towards my destination within the confines of Port Charlotte.

I called BoatTowUS and was towed the whole way from Port Charlotte to Fort Myers Beach (you can read about that trip here). The cost of the tow if I had not had insurance would have been $2,500. Since I had the insurance, which only costs $180 a year, the cost was nothing. Also I’ll be towed from Moss Marina to Olsen Marine Services later this month to have the transmission repaired, which the insurance covers 50% of the costs. 

In my mind this insurance is well worth the peace of mind and safety as I work through a new project boat.

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