The Sailing Vessel Pomaika'i

Sailing From Fort Myers To Jacksonville

I sailed Pomaika’i from Fort Myers to Jacksonville, FL where I live on her. While this trip was filled with challenges, it was one of my most adventurous outings. There were a lot of firsts for me on this voyage. First time sailing overnight...

Fort Myers Beach… Again

Another trip to Fort Myers Beach last week to move the sailboat to Olsen’s yard to have repairs done. BoatTowUS was great with a short trip across the channel to the yard. At first we were hoping that we would only need to replace the...

A Week In Fort Myers Beach

Spent a week in Fort Myers Beach on the new boat. Mostly it was just some time to unwind from work but I did get a few tasks done. Figured out the old autopilot system. I’ll probably replace this with a more modern (energy efficient) autopilot...

Port Charlotte to Fort Myers

Sitting here at the Fort Myers airport waiting for the flight back to Jacksonville (but via North Carolina for some absurd reason, Jacksonville is the redheaded step child of travel destinations) going over my simple “one day move” of...

Boat Shopping In Punta Gorda

After getting the settlement check for the boat accident I took a look through the websites that list boats for sales. A quick search found a 1979 Morgan Outisland 415 (41′ foot) for sale in Punta Gorda in SW Florida for just about the same...

Living Aboard The Sailing Vessel Pomaika'i

And it’s gone…

I finally sold my sail boat, the Palani last night. Paying two slip fees was a pain every month and just made it feel like I was stuck in limbo. Was a slow process grinding to get the funds to fix the Pomaika’i...

Photos On Flikr

  • House And Lighthouse
  • Cargo Silhouette
  • Seven Mile Bridge
  • Moser Channel Black and White
  • Light House
  • Doug The Dove
  • House On Biscayne
  • Keys Sunset
  • Leaving Biscayne Bay